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Kitchen Technician

To start a career in cooking, our school offers you an exceptional and unique training with a group of highly-qualified teachers.

Our school is able to meet the challenges specifically related to the development of this sector especially with a team of qualified trainers who have a long experience in teaching and administrative staff that aims to help the young trainees achieve success in the future.

Training objectives:

The trainees will be able to

  • ensure the supply necessary for the preparation of dishes.
  • prepare, make and contribute to the preparation of one or more dishes mentioned in the menu.

Target audience :

To whom our training is designed ?

  • Those wishing to integrate in cooking or develop their skills in such sector .
  • People passionate in cooking

Desired Skills :

  • Know how to integrate into a team.
  • Sense of responsibility and mutual aid capacity.
  • Maintain effective integration and good relations at work.
  • To be productive, energetic, creative, active and dynamic.

   Certificate type :

A CPT diplomat (Certificate of Professional  Technician) is designed to train specialized technicians with high qualifications.

Period of the training : two years

Teaching method :

We follow a new active pedagogy, where trainers develop professional techniques and values (production of menus, analysis of production, situational and group work ….) that are transmitted to learners in a simple, easy and relevant manner.

This training includes compulsory internships that allow the trainees practice their acquired skills.

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Ma formation m’apporte beaucoup de connaissances, beaucoup de stages pour m’insérer dans le milieu professionnel… et pour trouver un poste. En résumé, elle m’apporte beaucoup sur le plan personnel et professionnel.

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