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Pastry and Bakery

Training in pastry and bakery makes the learners acquire all the skills needed to work in a modern bakery. During the course, the trainees will have knowledge about the essential techniques of making bread and cakes.

   The training objectives :

during their study, the trainees will:

  • practise the main techniques used in modern bakery.
  • Know how to be organized and cope with the whole work team.
  • Have an idea about a list of traditional and modern recipes.

  Target audience

To whom the training is designed ?

  • persons who wish to work in a bakery
  • Professionals who want to be integrated in this field
  • people wanting to have knowlege about how to prepare cakes and different kinds of bread.

Required skills :

  • be able to integrate in a team work
  • Sense of responsability and ability to support people
  • Maintain effective integration and better relationship at work.
  • Be productive, energetic, creative, active and dynamic

Type of certificate

Internal diploma

Training period

One year

Teaching method :

We follow a new active teaching methodology in which the trainers give importance to the professional techniques (recipes preparation, products composition and team work ….) transmitted to learners in a simple and easy manner.

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Ma formation m’apporte beaucoup de connaissances, beaucoup de stages pour m’insérer dans le milieu professionnel… et pour trouver un poste. En résumé, elle m’apporte beaucoup sur le plan personnel et professionnel.

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