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Agent of cooking and baking

Our center offers you a professional training in cooking and pastry making. The course is designed for people passionate of this field. In fact, our training is unique thanks to the active participation of the trainees and the rich and full know-how they get from this course. During the traning sessions, students can refine their skills in decorating and presentation. They are guided by the Chiefs to achieve artistic productions.

Training objectives :

The purpose of this training is to enable trainees to develop their creativity sens, to perfect their artistic talent and prepare them for professional life. This course presents an opportunity for trainees to :

  • Learn and apply the basic techniques of pastry making and cooking (of pastry doughs, creams and necessary fittings).
  • Acquire the essential and necessary knowledge for pastry making and cooking.
  • Discover the professional world of pastry making and cooking.

Target audience:

To whom this training is designed for ?

Designed for those looking to integrate in the world of culinary arts and develop  their talents in preparing sweet dishes.

This intensive program allows you to acquire the knowledge and basic skills of pastry making and cooking.

The training is intended for:

  • Amateurs passionate in cooking and pastry making.
  • People in retraining.
  • adults wishing to retrain changing professional way to realize their project in the gastronomy sector. Cooks and pastry makers wishing to acquire strong skills in cake preparation and cooking.

Desired skills:

Coping, organisational and manual skills ; availability, ease of expression and teamwork are the required qualitities that our trainees should have.

The learner must have rigor, thoroughness and hygiene compliance.

Type of certificate :

CAP diploma (Certificate of Professional Competence) that validates a year along which all the necessary knowledge and know-how are acquired.

Period of training : one year

Teaching method:

The process is performed with a new active pedagogy in which trainers bring into professional techniques (revenue generation, analysis of production, situational and group work ….) transmitted to learners in a simple, easy and relevant manner.

This training includes three compulsory courses to practice the acquired skills.

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Ma formation m’apporte beaucoup de connaissances, beaucoup de stages pour m’insérer dans le milieu professionnel… et pour trouver un poste. En résumé, elle m’apporte beaucoup sur le plan personnel et professionnel.

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